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It has the looks and strength of a Mi item yet sound quality leaves us needing more, that too at this cost. Xiaomi has been known for making quality items at moderate estimating which pulled in swarms of Indian purchasers toward its side, who call themselves Mi fans. Moving past telephones, Xiaomi offers slew of different items like sound frill and entirely soon they’ll have water purifiers, Wi-Fi switch selling in the nation also yet for the time being we’ll discuss Mi Headphones.

  • Excellent fabricate quality
  • Portable and separable
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Steep valuing
  • Sound spillage
  • Lacks clamor abrogation

Valued at 299AED Xiaomi is presently captivating with purchasers with taste for quality music and matching brands like JBL, Sennheiser and Sony among others. We cherished the nature of Mi Pistons (still do) and much is normal from Mi earphones also yet for 299AED we’re moving ceaselessly from Xiaomi greatest fascination, value factor. It will take something uncommon for individuals to purchase a Xiaomi sound item when you have set up names conveying their feeling of generosity throughout the years.


Mi Headphone is much the same as some other Xiaomi item that one can purchase in the nation; looks that match your desire. The earphone has been given the aluminum treatment with utilization of flame broils as an afterthought corners wherein the pads get put. Considerably subsequent to pleasing so a lot of value onto the gadget, Mi earphone still gauges a pitiful 220 grams which for a sound apparatus is neither too overwhelming nor excessively light.

Investigating the ear pads, Xiaomi is offering 2 extra pair of pads fluctuating in size, something that everybody might want. The top side of earphone has the exemplary bit of dark leathered sewing which make the gadget look solid just as exquisite simultaneously.

The structure accentuation set somewhere near Xiaomi has been instrumental in ensuring that Mi Headphone doesn’t seem to be a modest advertising. The convenientce factor of Mi earphone has been capably dealt with gratitude to its foldable nature and separable pads, making it an absolute necessity have device for your movements.

The other part of Mi Headphone is it’s strength from all corners and we mean, the link packaged with the gadget can undoubtedly withstand mileage concerns. The rubber treated nature and weight of the link guarantees that snare is definitely not a typical issue. It is difficult to recommend that Mi earphone is the most attractive and built earphone in the sub Rs 10K portion however then again, it’s not far away from that either.


The way that we adored the Mi Pistons 2 headphones, caused us to accept that Mi earphone will be in the same class as the previous, if worse. In any case, tragically for Rs 5,499 there are simply an excessive number of things that Xiaomi appears to have passed up a major opportunity so as to guarantee they have an item which fits the correct profile. It comes up short on the fundamental clamor dropping help which is feel sorry for sound rigging which costs as this much.

We never anticipated that Mi earphone should convey Bose-like quality however definitely they could have dealt with the degree of Mi Pistons 2 atleast yet with 3D sound highlights, the lucidity angle is very much secured yet bass execution, not really.

Additionally, we saw that as opposed to making vacuum to keep sound from going out, Mi earphone appears to empower sound spillage which is never something to be thankful for to face or run over. In any case, treble notes sound much better yet that is simply camouflaging the conspicuous defects of an item which should be obviously superior to it is.

It was simple for us to decide the potential characteristics of Mi earphone and tuning in to our preferred arrangement of tunes, things turn out to be considerably progressively concrete. While delicate works of art from Clapton, Dire Straits had the punch and balance that one anticipates from the veterans, any head-slamming number played didn’t end up being as compelling as one would need.

Here’s the thing with Mi earphone; play it low and smooth and the profits are productive enough to satisfy your music hunger however the minute you tank up the volume; putting it through paces, the sound spillage turns into a significant migraine which makes you mislead them. It might sound brutal however that is the ongoing use experience we thought worth bringing up.

So what would it be a good idea for you to truly utilize the Mi earphone for? How about we start with what doesn’t function admirably. Inferable from its overwhelming bass levels, it is difficult to suggest EDM, rock or metal (the ones with part of pound), nonetheless, there’s a decent possibility you may like the low note tunes, for the most part works of art hitting at the correct spots.

The extra arrangement of pads will offer solace to differed audience members, contingent on their needs. Evaluating the earphone with shifted equalizer settings helped us recognize the potential qualities and inadequacies on the yield front. Keep them on typical and the outcomes are scarcely positive for a sound item evaluated this high. Until you decide on jazz/rock/treble mode it will be difficult to unravel the class quality and their separation which is something audiophile.

Why like it?

Magnificent form quality with much required arrangement of extra alternatives packaged with Mi earphone out-of-box. It’s compact, separable and simple to convey in packs. Earphone with amplifier choice empowers double reason use case situation of the Mi earphone.

Why Dislike it?

Mi earphone experiences fundamental sound defects like commotion spillage, lacking high bass levels and testy sound quality at high volumes. For 299AED and that too from a brand like Xiaomi, we anticipate significantly more.


Xiaomi created disturbances by valuing the Mi earphone at 299AED which isn’t the region you partner the brand with in the nation. Truly, Mi earphone has been made with most extreme structure exactness, itemizing of highest caliber and convenientce considered too.

Having said that, Mi neglects to offer the absolute minimum for an earphone for example bass nature of most noteworthy request, commotion wiping out (somewhat), rather we wind up getting clamor spillage which is rarely a decent sign. Hoping to purchase Mi earphone? Not certain you’d need to spend that sort of cash on a dull item which astonishes however compliments to delude in numerous regions.

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