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Dell pressed probably the best highlights from its increasingly costly business journals into a smaller structure that is worked to endure every day use in the training market.

  • Rugged, military tried plan
  • Loud speakers
  • 180-degree barrel pivot
  • Touchscreen not standard
  • Small console
  • Large impression for screen size


Not at all like Asus, which is attempting to rethink the Chromebook classification with its 360-degree rely on the Flip, Dell is adopting a progressively estimated strategy in making a solid item that will endure day by day understudy use and misuse.

As a result of the tough development, Dell’s Chromebook 11 winds up somewhat bigger and heavier than the challenge. Contrasted with Toshiba’s Chromebook 2, a gadget with a bigger 13.3-inch board that estimates 12.6 x 8.4 x 0.76 inches (32.0 x 21.3 x 1.9cm), the Chromebook 11 possesses nearly a similar impression at 11.69 x 8.57 x 0.83 inches (29.7 x 21.8 x 2.1cm). Acer’s C740 with a comparative 11.6-inch show is somewhat more minimized than the Dell model at 11.3 x 8 x 0.79 inches (28.7 x 20.3 x 2.0cm).

With a touchscreen, the 2.91-pound (1.32kg) Dell Chromebook 11 is heavier than the Acer C740’s 2.87-pound (1.30kg) weight. Without a touchscreen, Dell’s model is just 2.74 pounds (1.24kg). The Chromebook 11’s weight is about keeping pace with the 11-inch class, is still light enough for understudies to heft around throughout the day. What sets the Dell Chromebook 11 separated from others available is its tough plan. Dell guarantees that its new Chromebook 11 passes US Military Standard testing for solidness, earth, dust, pressure, temperature, moistness, stun and vibration “so it can deal with understudy life.”

To meet those strength claims, Dell shrouds its Chromebook 11 of every a strong, matte dark plastic case, a structure decision that conceals scratches, soil and fingerprints well. An elastic guard along the edges of the Chromebook 11 helps shield the journal on the off chance that it’s dropped. Acer’s training driven Chromebook contributions accompany fortified pivot structures and reinforced corners, however come up short on the full elastic guards and the fixed console and trackpad of the Dell Chromebook 11.

On the Chromebook 11, the touchscreen is a discretionary update, and it permits understudies another way to communicate with the substance on their Chromebook past the console and trackpad. Another element that separates the Chromebook 11 from the challenge is the fortified barrel pivot. Not exclusively does the barrel pivot enable the cover to be opened up to 180 degrees for better shared cooperation, Dell says that it is likewise incredibly strong. As understudies would regularly get and convey the Chromebook by the top, the barrel configuration lessens pressure and keeps the pivot from breaking. The pivot likewise houses boisterous, forward-terminating stereo speakers.

The non-illuminated console is shockingly wonderful to utilize. With practically full-size keys – the keys are around 1/16 inches more restricted than the keys on a 15-inch MacBook Pro – composing is agreeable. The keys are very springy, yet do not have the key travel of a full-size workstation console. There is a committed line of standard Chrome alternate way keys over the console. The trackpad on the Chrome book 11 is amazingly responsive, and I saw cursor following as precise.


  • Processor: 2.6GHz double center Intel Celeron Bay Trail-M N2840
  • Graphics: Intel HD for Intel Celeron processors
  • Memory: 4GB RAM (DDR3L, 1,600Mhz)
  • Storage: 16GB SSD
  • Screen: 11.6-inch HD, 1366 x 768 touch screen
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0; 802.11ac (B/G/N), double band Wi-Fi
  • Ports: HDMI 1.4, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, memory card peruse, auxiliary memory card peruse with lock, 3.5mm combo jack
  • Battery: Three-cell

OS: Chrome OS

On the off chance that you can bear the cost of the $70 (£47, AU$90) premium, the touchscreen variant of the Chromebook 11 beginnings at $329 (£210, AU$380) and gives a future-confirmation figuring experience, particularly in case you’re hoping to hold tight to the Chromebook for quite a long while. Google is beginning to port Android applications to Chrome OS, and a touchscreen improves that experience than utilizing a console and trackpad.

Moreover, a touchscreen can likewise help increment homeroom joint effort. By laying the screen level with the barrel pivot, understudies can tap on the touchscreen to share, work together, and cooperate with their substance.


While the double center Celeron Bay Trail-M processor doesn’t exactly have the crude execution of the Intel Broadwell chip inside the current year’s Google Chromebook Pixel ($999, £799, AU$1,277), execution on the Dell Chromebook 11 is very smooth.

Given that most figuring action on a Chromebook will be done through the cloud instead of on the gadget – and that most Chromebook clients won’t be running substantial video altering programs at any rate – “minimizing” to an Atom-put together processor with respect to the Dell model brings a great deal of significant worth for the presentation.

In genuine use, execution of the Chromebook 11 is like the Toshiba Chromebook 2. The two models share a similar processor, RAM and screen goals, however the Toshiba model accompanies a bigger 13-inch show. I had around 15 tabs running in three diverse program windows with no log jams on the Chromebook 11. The Chromebook 11 is quick, responsive, and displayed no postponements.

Interactive media

Lamentably, deficient with regards to the in-plane exchanging (IPS) screen innovation of the Toshiba Chromebook 2’s presentation, the Chromebook 11 has smaller survey points. The 180-degree pivot configuration mitigates this fairly as it enables understudies to even now have distributed coordinated effort when the screen is laid level.

In my testing, I found that despite the fact that the screen is satisfactorily brilliant inside with a 200-nit rating, I battled with the presentation outside as the screen was excessively diminish, even at full splendor.

Battery life

With an expressed battery life of 10 hours, the Chromebook conveys a throughout the day processing experience. For homeroom use, this implies educators won’t have to revive Chromebooks between classes or in exercises, and understudies won’t have to discover electrical plugs when utilizing the Chromebook 11.

In certifiable use, with screen brilliance set to around 60%, the Chromebook 11 went on for a little more than eight hours on a solitary charge. In my testing, I surfed the web, dealt with my messages, viewed a couple of showcasing recordings on YouTube, altered archives in Google Docs and Google Sheets, checked the news on Feedly and performed Google search in the Chrome program.

Eight hours is sufficient to get past a full school day, however understudies who convey their very own Chromebook 11 likely should charge the Chromebook sooner or later during the day in the event that they mean on utilizing the netbook after-school for schoolwork or other extracurricular capacities.

Coordinated effort and correspondence

Dell has made a helpful method to utilize innovation to cultivate study hall commitment. The Dell movement light is an instrument that empowers interest and correspondence. For understudies who might be too hesitant to even think about raising their hands or make some noise in class, the action light alarms teachers when an understudy needs to join a dialog or has an inquiry. Understudies can tap or tap the suitable symbol on the going with application on the Chromebook, and a comparing light will show up on the top to caution the educator.

Chromebook the board

To deal with the Chromebook 11, Dell offers a simple venture versatility the executives arrangement through its KACE program. School IT chairmen can utilize the Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance as an extensive frameworks the board answer for stock Chromebooks.

The estimation of running Chrome OS on the Chromebook 11 is that it requires next to no upkeep. Not at all like utilizing Windows frameworks that require consistent OS refreshes, antivirus programming, and a ground-breaking CPU and GPU to deal with registering assignments, the Chromebook 11 is a physical gadget that associates with the cloud to do hard work.

Understudies simply need to sign into the Chromebook 11 with their Google ID and Google will keep Chrome OS always refreshed out of sight. As clients are mostly running web applications, hardly any figuring force is required as long as the school has a strong remote association.

We preferred

There is bounty to adore with Dell’s vision for Chrome registering in the study hall. The Chromebook 11’s rough plan, sturdy development, uproarious speakers, and fantastic console understanding (at the cost point) settle on this a strong decision for understudies.

Include the discretionary touchscreen, and you’ll likely have the option to keep the Chromebook 11 future-confirmation for a considerable length of time to come.

We hated

Despite the fact that the composing experience on the $249 (£170, AU$320) Chromebook 11 is great for the worth, the keys are 1/16 inches littler than keys on a MacBook Pro, and Dell could have utilized the Chromebook 11’s thickness by giving the keys more travel when squeezed.

Last decision

Try not to give the downplayed feel of the Chrome a chance to book 11 trick you. Dell stuffed in highlights that are ordinarily held for increasingly costly business scratch pad into its Chrome book 11 out of a push to make a tough item for the training market. In the Chrome book 11, you’ll locate a 180-degree fortified pivot, rough structure, fixed console and track pad, and an incredible composing experience inside a convenient bundle. Notwithstanding utilizing the Chrome book for school, understudies will welcome the boisterous stereo speakers for sight and sound and amusement.

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