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Xiaomi presented Mi True Wireless Earphones Air Dots pro , premium genuine remote headphones for worldwide markets back in June. Estimated at €79.99 (US$ 80/Rs. 6,280 approx.), the Mi AirDots Pro presents to 10 hours of music playback, packs a 7mm unique driver unit and bolster dynamic commotion wiping out, yet are these value your thought? Peruse on our survey to discover.

Box Contents

•              Mi AirDots Pro with the charging case

•              USB Type-C link

•              Extra ear-tips

•              User manage

We as of late unpacked the Mi AirDots Pro, look at the unpacking and initial introductions.

Plan and Build Quality

From the outset locate, you will see that Mi AirDots Pro draws motivation from Apple Airpods, like other Xiaomi eco-framework items, you get a negligible plan. Mi AirDots Pro accompanies a case which is comprised of plastic, because of which it is lightweight however it is additionally inclined to scratches.

The earbuds have a metallic outside finish yet are comprised of plastic, because of which each earbud weighs simply 5.8 grams, even with the case, the all out weight of the bundle is under 60 gram. The earbuds, just as the case, have a great manufactured yet simply don’t drop it on a hard surface.

The earbuds are held firmly by means of attractive sticks inside the case, these don’t tumble off from the case regardless of whether you hold the case topsy turvy. Mi AirDots Pro highlights an in-ear structure and accompanies sets of additional ear-tips. There is a LED on each earbud and one on the charging case as well.

The earbuds don’t highlight any marking, Mi marking can be found on the back of the case alongside charging and item determinations. These fit impeccably in ears and don’t tumble off coincidentally, the earbuds don’t tumble off regardless of whether you shake your head, so there shouldn’t be any issue on the off chance that you intend to utilize these while exercises or running. The Mi AirDots Pro highlights IPX4 water-safe rating, so there shouldn’t be any issue on the off chance that you intend to utilize these while running or exercise center sessions.

These earbuds are agreeable to utilize and can be utilized for long sessions with no issue yet I am by and by not an enthusiast of this structure as it looks strange. Mi AirDots Pro is accessible just in white shading starting at now and it may be an issue for some since white gets earth effectively. By and large, these are well-assembled pair of earbuds with IPX4 water-safe rating however the plan might be a major issue for a few.

Availability, Pairing, and Controls

Mi AirDots Pro supports Bluetooth 4.2 and according to the organization, the association run is around 10 meters. During our testing, we saw the association go as great. The Mi AirDots Pro must be associated with each gadget in turn.

The matching procedure for Mi AirDots Pro isn’t a lot of an undertaking, essentially press the catch on the correct side of the case for 2-3 seconds, after which the LED looking into it should begin flickering, this implies AirDots Pro is presently fit to be combined to a gadget. Open the case and quest for another Bluetooth gadget, it appears as Mi True Wireless Earphones, interface with it. When the association is built up, the squinting LED ought to go off. You can remove the earbuds from the case and start utilizing. I tried it with Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro and never confronted any matching related issue.

Both the earbuds have a contact delicate region on the external surface, twofold tap on right earbud fills in as a play/stop catch, and twofold tap on the left earbud can be utilized to gather voice associate. Mi AirDots Pro can likewise be utilized to go to calls, twofold tap on both of the earbud can be utilized to get a call. A long tap can be utilized to enact dynamic commotion undoing, both the earbuds highlight an auxiliary clamor scratch-off mic. The music playback stops when both of the earbuds is expelled from the ear because of the nearness of an infrared optical sensor on each earbud.

During our use, we didn’t appreciate the touchpad usage for numerous reasons. To begin with, the volume can’t be balanced by the earbuds and furthermore tunes can’t be skipped, I needed to arrive at my telephone each time I needed to alter the volume or change soundtrack. The other explanation, the absence of English firmware, it runs on Chinese firmware so you get voice criticism in Chinese when you get a call or initiate dynamic commotion retraction. We didn’t confront any idleness issues with Mi AirDots Pro.

Sound Quality and Call Performance

The Mi AirDots Pro packs a 7mm NdFeb magnet with titanium-plated stomach dynamic driver unit to give a wide solid field. The Mi AirDots Pro can move sound by utilizing AAC Bluetooth codec just and needs top notch aptX codec support. Proceeding onward to the sound quality, we have no bad things to say at all. The AAC codec helps in saving the first stable. The bass was great and it handles the treble very well even on higher volume.

Strikingly, both the left and right earbuds can work openly therefore giving a problem free stable understanding. In the event that, if the client expels any single earbud from the ear, the subsequent one will work in one-sided mode also.

Battery Life

Mi AirDots Pro packs a 100 mAh battery, the organization asserts a battery life of 3 hours, the case likewise functions as an accusing dock and of the case you can expect as long as 10 hours of battery life from Mi AirDots Pro. During our testing, we found the battery life like the organization asserts however with 70% volume, the battery endures a shot when you turn on dynamic clamor wiping out. You can likewise observe the battery life of the earbuds in the status bar of your cell phone on the off chance that your gadget runs on Android 8.1 or later form of Android.

The earbuds start charging by means of attractive sticks when they’re kept for the situation, the earbuds take around 1 hour to get completely energized from 0-100. The earbuds can last as long as 70 minutes relying upon the volume level on a 10-minute charge, because of the quick charging help.

Both the earbuds highlight a LED pointer to tell the client about the charging, the LED on each earbud sparkles in white shading while at the same time charging and the LED goes off when the earbud is charged completely.

The headset has a little receiver which is great by and large, however it doesn’t get your voice obviously when you are in a swarmed, loud condition.

The charging case takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to get completely energized, it very well may be charged utilizing a USB Type-C link. A LED light can be found looking into it also, the LED sparkles in white shading while at the same time charging and LED goes off when the case is completely energized.

By and large, the battery life on the Mi AirDots Pro is great, you can tune in to music for more than 3 hours on a charge and when the batteries are depleted, simply drop the earbuds back in the charging case. Likewise, make a point to charge the case once in a few days.


By and large, the Mi AirDots Pro is an excellent minimal Bluetooth genuine remote earbuds accessible in the market at the present time. It has a lightweight, smaller plan, offers great sound understanding and great battery life too.

Mi AirDots Pro isn’t accessible in India yet Indian clients can buy it for around 4300 INR including custom charges, with a one-year guarantee from ShareSave (opens just on the application), Xiaomi‘s very own cross-outskirt web based business stage.

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